My name is Jude Seaward I am a Nurse Consultant/behaviour therapist whose background lies within learning disability nursing. I live in the North West of England in Wigan. I thank my uniqueness to my chosen profession and the initial training I started in 1985. My training covered the wide aspects of what is needed to support a person with a learning disability; covering psychology, occupational therapy, speech and language, mental health, psychiatry to name just a few area.

While working in the NHS I worked in:

An adult residential home for challenging behaviour.

An assessment and treatment centre for mental health and challenging behaviour.

The community, supporting both adults and children working with families, Education, therapists, social services and the voluntary sector to develop packages of care or behaviour management plans of some very challenging people.

This diverse and unique grounding has enabled me to understand how areas interact, which gives a more holistic approach to the way I work. By working in an environment that was highly under resourced you learn to be creative and efficient. So again I can bring this to the work I do now, ensuring new ways of working and innovatively bringing this to suit the individual.

I have specialised in challenging behaviour and autism and have been completing a holistic functional analysis of behaviours for the past 12 years. I worked within the NHS in I am very passionate about providing a quality and an individualised service which enables people to have a happy and fulfilling life.


Registered Learning Disability Nurse - Brockhall Hospital, Blackburn
Diploma in behavioural Approaches - Manchester University
Masters in research methodologies (learning disability pathway) - Lancaster University
IOSH Risk assessment and awareness - Bolton University
998 assessor and mentorship - Liverpool University

Specialist interest:

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)
Behaviour management
Sensory issues
Intensive interaction
Person centred planning

A full CV can be sent on request.

  Thank you for the study day you provided to the trainee assistant practitioners on autism and the assault cycle at Bolton University. We all found it a beneficial learning experience and thoroughly interesting. All the students have said how they have learned new skills and have a better understanding of the needs of learning disability clients. - Practice Trainer Bolton University

Jude has proved to be flexible and innovative making the training interesting and specific to all the parents in the group. - Parent Workshop

If they just understood for one minute that we have got no one to turn to, we go to these specialists to get reassurance, understanding and empathy, the time. services are now working to targets and tick boxes our targets are our kids and we don't fit in boxes it's important to find that someone who cares. - Carol