Parents Feedback:

1. Jane - It’s about having the support, someone who listens to you and actually understands – every home should have a Jude.

2. Donna - I’ve learnt from Jude now take a step back and evaluate, look at the situation what’s triggering him; what’s causing that. I couldn’t logically think because I’d only had 2 hours sleep in three days, where Jude could see things that I couldn’t.  She’s actually been a lifeline to me, brilliant.

3. Carol - It’s important having someone who believes you and then can put the light at the tunnel.

4. Toni - I felt I had an alien in my house but now I get my son. Thanks so much so glad we found you.

5. Ali - Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jude Seaward for the invaluable support you've provided with DS. Your sessions with myself and DS as taught us more about his behaviour than anywhere else, your report was amazing and certainly gave me a whole different picture of DS and his behaviour. I don't know how I'd have got to where I am without you and so glad you will be supporting me at the CAF meeting next week. Thank you again I really do appreciate it.

6. Fak - Jude I will never forget your kindness and giving me different insight into my son, we met you under bleak circumstances but I am so thankful for having met you. I am truly indebted to you.

7. Doris - I found Jude to be very approachable and down to earth but very professional. She imparted her knowledge in a manner that was understandable to the family. She was not patronising but clear and friendly. I just wish we had met Jude years ago she educated us around my sons condition which has helped us strengthen our relationship. It was money well invested I can never thank her enough for her easy engagement with her clients.

8. Alison - I would recommend Jude seaward to anyone on here if you’re looking for support and real help and understanding of your child’s behaviour at a reasonable price that makes it affordable to all. Again I can’t express enough how much she’s taught me in managing my son and more importantly how to understand his communication through his behaviour.

9. Alison - (having the confidence to advise others on Facebook) - Natural consequences is our way forward if he doesn't get dressed and eat his breakfast he doesn't get to ride bike to school, if he does he gets to ride bike to school, that way he has choice he can choose to get dressed quickly and eat quickly or he can choose not to therefore it's not a demand as it's down. To him to choose what he wants.

Thank you cards:

1. Anonymous - I would like to say a very big thank you to you Jude on behalf of all of us for the help care and vast knowledge you have given us.  We were struggling to cope with many issues with his autism as you know but with many hours of listening to me talk and cry and with the strategies you have put in place we feel better equipped. I now have my confidence back to continue my long journey in helping my son get the life he deserves.

2. Anonymous - Thank you I can’t imagine were I would be today without you specialist knowledge. I know my son will never be the same as other children but to just understand his behaviour and using the techniques helps tremendously.  The steps we are taking at the moment are small tiny steps, but to me feel like giant leaps towards a better form of communication between my son and I.

3. Dawn - It was so lovely to meet you and receive so much help and advice. Considering you have never met my son you seemed to have grasped and understood him very well.  The taster plate is working really well and he has finally made his worry box, although he is yet to put anything in it. Thanks again for you help and advice it’s been great.

4. Practice trainer Bolton University - Thank you for the study day you provided to the trainee assistant practitioners on autism and the assault cycle at Bolton University. We all found it a beneficial learning experience and thoroughly interesting. All the students have said how they have learned new skills and have a better understanding of the needs of learning disability clients.

5. Parent Workshop - Jude has proved to be flexible and innovative making the training interesting and specific to all the parents in the group.

Training Feedback:

1. Sam - could have listened to Jude all day. Sorry I cried but it was nice to hear I wasn’t mad and you explained my daughter so well. It was so great to hear I’m not alone and loved the morning.

2. Jerry - I could have listen to Jude all day I love the way she makes it so common sense and links things together.

3. Sue - Thought Jude was brilliant. I would love to access Jude for the group on a monthly basis. Learnt so much from the workshop – loved it could have had more sessions.

4. Toni - I came in thinking what can this person teach me and then she started to make me think about what I have been doing. The way Jude gets information to staff really strikes home.

5. Tom - I had one of those light bulb moments, when Jude described my child without me speaking to her. I then realised as I looked around the room that other parents were having the moment.

6. Tom - Her examples were simple and common sense but don’t know why no one has ever put it like that to me before.

7. Team Manager - I was sceptic when I went to listen to Jude at a team meeting, but I like the way she put the person at the centre and personalised it to suit the person. Her passion came across to the staff and encouraged them to think out of the box to.

Professional Feedback:

1. Abbie Woodling Co-ordinator for The Education Rights Service (Tribunal Support Line), The National Autistic Society - It is an excellent report and gives great insight into child x, I think the report will be really helpful to both the school and tribunal.

2. Private School - We brought Jude in for a week to work intensively on assessing a very complex young man. We found out so much about how to understand him; it was a new way of thinking, but a way that worked.

3. Mary - We got Jude in as we were struggling with a young man. She highlighted things we hadn’t realised before, around him having gaps in learning. This has helped us to really move forward. Due to the wonderful support we gained, we actually didn’t need to call her back in as we thought we may.

4. Ruth - We had a child that was very difficult to get through the school door and often he needed physically bringing in. We felt he needed counselling but by getting Jude to work with him and mum we soon had him skipping in to school. It was a very quick turnaround.

5. Dr. Blema Lowenson - Your input was both inventive and extremely helpful. The consultation process was focused and thought provoking for myself and Josh's team of PA's. Heartily recommend your guidance. Thank you.

  It is an excellent report and gives great insight into child x, I think the report will be really helpful to both the school and tribunal - Abbie Woodling Co-ordinator for The Education Rights Service (Tribunal Support Line), The National Autistic Society

She acknowledges the fact that you are an expert with your child. - Jane

If they just understood for one minute that we have got no one to turn to, we go to these specialists to get reassurance, understanding and empathy, the time. services are now working to targets and tick boxes our targets are our kids and we don't fit in boxes it's important to find that someone who cares. - Carol
It's about having people around who will go that extra mile. - Sam
It meant so much having the information it was like I was seeing my child for the first time and being able to understand him. - Claire